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Commonwealth CU presents an online video series answering crucial questions about the home buying process.

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When you use your Commonwealth CU Credit Card For Eligible Tuition Payments!


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Gas Purchases

Earn 5X Everyday Reward Points this Friday when using your eligible credit card.

Someday Is Today!

You know that "someday" you’re always talking about? Someday we’ll buy a house, someday we’ll get that new car, someday we’ll actually take a vacation. It’s time to stop putting off your dreams and make them a reality! With loans from Commonwealth Credit Union, Someday is Today.

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Need after hours assistance? Lost or stolen card? Utilize our 24/7 assistive services.

At Commonwealth Credit Union, we know you sometimes need help beyond our normal business hours. To talk to a representative 24/7, call 502.564.4775 or 800.228.6420. For Lost/Stolen cards, call 866.906.4173. Select Option 2 for lost/stolen cards. After entering your card number, you will be referred to the next available representative.

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We strive to bring you new and enlightening webinars and online content that can help you manage your money.

Check out our latest webinar titled "How to Save Money Without Changing Your Lifestyle." The webinar begins at the 20 minute mark and provides some valuable information to help you save money.